Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which advertisers (online merchants that sell products or services) pay publishers (independent parties that promote the products or services of an advertiser on their Web site) only for results, such as a visitor making a purchase or filling out a form, rather than paying simply to reach a particular audience. In Affiliate marketing, the advertisers only pay their publishers when the new client introduction results in a sale or a lead, making it a low-risk, high-reward affair for both parties.

A successful affiliate marketing program takes time to build, but with a bit of effort it has the ability to increase your Online Revenue. It's worth the effort and it can become one of the best time and financial investments in your marketing plan.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

• No inventory is needed to join as Internet affiliate & very low start up costs

• No shipping is involved and no returns to worry about with an Internet affiliate program

•Training is not required, but you should aware of websites and traffic so that your Internet affiliate   program will be successful.

•Networking with the partners, Communication with them by welcoming them to your affiliate program.    Send out updates regarding product additions or changes.

However, Affiliate programs are not just marketing tools, rather they are much more than that. These days Affiliates have grown rapidly due to the increased use of the World Wide Web. It lets you save lot of money and is a very reliable source. Affiliate programs came into picture in the year 1995 with Amazon.com launching it, but at that point no one ever thought that it will grow up to such a extent as it is today.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the successful techniques in Online Marketing as it is a Pay-Per-Performance model. We would assist you to plan your online affiliate marketing needs by carefully identifying affiliates who would be beneficial in promoting your website and to get your product and services to be get listed on their websites.

NetSleek Services

"The increase in our website traffic is so large that we are having trouble keeping up with it; however, that's a problem we're grateful for! Before we teamed up with Site-Seeker, our website traffic was virtually non-existent. Now, we're doing business with people who didn't even know about us. You have given us worldwide exposure and opened up new countries to us. We now do business in India, Serbia, Africa, Brazil, England, and Singapore. You have literally eliminated the oceans!"
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam
Managing Director
Studiorama India Limited

Studiorama is dedicated to entertain, inform & educate the masses through enlightening programs. The business vertical focuses being Mass Communications, Events, Indology, Indian culture, Heritage & Tourism, etc.


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